About Niche Trainer

Niche Trainer is the brainchild of Carl Szlachta, a guy that was sick of working 7 to 5 at a crappy job everyday (in-house SEO for a major corporation) and wanted to do something different with his life. He was underpaid, under-appreciated and started to use his SEO and digital marketing skills for his own benefit rather than making someone else rich.

After a LOT of effort, he’s built a portfolio of profitable niche websites that earn over $25,000 per month and afford Carl a very comfortable passive income.

We’re a team of experts in SEO, SEM and digital marketing that want to help others replicate our success. We’re BIG believers that teaching and helping others is the true mark of an expert in their field and that’s what we’ve set out to do.

You’ll notice in our training that we talk about the importance of teaching others what you’ve learned so far. That also holds true for us and we love hearing success stories and giving those willing to put in the work the tools to create an awesome income.

Some of our students have quit their day jobs altogether and are working on niche websites full-time. It’s not always easy but once you start earning some money within the first couple of months, you’ll be super-motivated to work harder and earn more.

Unlike many other “make money online” programs, this website and it’s content is based on some basic knowledge and some elbow grease to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

We hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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